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Portland, Maine’s High-Tech Vehicle Wash Saves Money while Protecting the Environment

When the City of Portland decided to move their Department of Public Works Operations Center and Parks and Recreation from the Bayside area of Portland to a new location on Canco Road, they looked at how to best renovate the existing buildings to meet their operational needs and incorporate a vehicle wash for maintaining their fleet of vehicles and service equipment.

The City faced two issues with its fleet of cars, truck and other vehicles: salt used for snowmelt and other road chemistry was corroding vehicles causing increased service demands and shorter chassis life cycle at great expense to the City.
Additionally, the City was mandated to have a wash facility constructed at the new location before any relocation efforts could be made.
Finally, the City needed a vehicle wash system that protected the environment from harmful runoff, which is a DEP requirement.

As Maine’s most populous city, it’s critical that the City of Portland keep its Public Works vehicles well-maintained and in good working condition to keep roads open for emergency vehicles and the public at large especially during blizzards, sleet and freezing road conditions.  
The old facility in Bayside didn’t have a vehicle wash facility available and no program for washing vehicles to extend their serviceability. Like other municipalities, Portland is required by the Maine DEP to properly manage vehicle wash run off to ensure that pollutants from vehicles do not flow into storm water systems and public water ways.

Aware of other municipalities’challenges and experiences with their large vehicles washes, the City of Portland Public Buildings Director reached out to Maintenance Tech., Inc. directly to tap into the company’s more than 27 years of experience with design and construction of successful large vehicles washes. Maintenance Tech., Inc. (MTI), a large vehicle wash design/build company, often works in conjunction with engineers, architects and general contractors to create customized solutions for vehicle wash facilities.

Maintenance Tech., Inc., a Portland-based company, is known for its extensive knowledge and experience with municipal vehicle washes and often builds specialized equipment at their Portland, Maine facility to address specific challenges. As always, MTI was quick to respond the City’s inquiry and provide a solid solution to their vehicle wash concerns. 

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High-Tech Large Vehicle Wash Keeps Boston’s DPW Fleet Clean and Operational

Keeping New England’s largest fleet of public works vehicles clean and on the road is a relentless task, but it is vitally important to the longevity of this massive fleet and to the safety of drivers in Boston.

Winters in New England can be challenging, particularly during blizzards and freezing road conditions. Understandably, it is paramount that Public Works vehicles are well maintained and in good working condition in order to keep roads open for emergency vehicles and the public at large during such conditions. 

A key component to maintenance concerns includes cleaning. Not only are clean cars, trucks, plows and other heavy equipment assets better to show and operate, research has proven that over time, clean vehicles promote better mechanical maintenance, have dramatically increased chassis life, are recognized as safer to operate and ultimately save money, time and hardship. 

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